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ICAO ITP : Aerodrome Safety Management incorporating PANS-Aerodromes

In October 2014 the ICAO Council approved the first edition of Doc 9981, procedures for Air
  Navigation Services (PANS)-Aerodrome. The PANS, which becomes applicable on 10 November 2016, complements Annex 14-Aerodrome, Volume I- Aerodrome Design and Operations by establishing procedures for safety assessments and aerodrome compatibility studies. Recognizing that aircraft accidents and serious incidents can occur in or near the aerodrome, this course covers the implementation of the PANS-Aerodrome in the context of an aerodrome Safety Management System.
Target Group

SMS safety managers and SMS practitioners from airport operators, Officers of ground handling
  organizations, Aircraft operators and safety management officers of air traffic services, Civil aviation administration regulators, Aerodrome airside operation relevant officers, Aerodrome security personnel
Structure and processes of an aerodrome SMS
Developing safety policy, COURSE AIM and procedures for the establishment of an effective SMS
Safety reporting and emergency response planning
Aerodrome operational hazards and safety risks
Aerodrome operational safety assessments, as per PANS-Aerodromes, for safety risk management, aeronautical and compatibility studies;
Safety assurance activities for the monitoring and measurement of safety risk management and safety performance at an aerodrome.
10 to 14 September, 2018
5 days
Course Fee
USD 2,000
ICAO Certificate if a trainee complete the course successfully by passing the mastery tests with more than average 80%.
* This course is officially developed by the procedure of ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Training Development Guideline (TDG) and accredited by ICAO in 2016.
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