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NGAP Course
It has been recognized by the international aviation industry that there will be an anticipated shortage of skilled aviation professionals in the near future. In order to address this important issue, IAAA is offering NGAP(Next Generation Aviation Professional) courses for undergraduate students. Customized course for undergraduate students provides overall understanding of airport management and operations to enhance the knowledge of aviation industry. NGAP program includes field visits to Incheon Airport and surrounding area to help participants boost field experience related to their major.
Aviation policy and industry overview
Aerodrome operations
Customer service & revenue increase
Cargo & logistics /Aircity
Field Visit
* Course content can be changed upon request
Undergraduate students studying aviation-related major
The requirements are at least 15 participants from a single organization and registration
must be completed 2 months in advance for the course design and development
You will receive an IAAA certificate if you complete the course successfully.
For further inquiries and registration, email to
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