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ICAO Course
ICAO STP : Airport Green House Gas(GHG) Management

 This course provides airport GHG (Green House Gas) managers with the necessary
  knowledge, skills and attitudes to ensure that airport GHG management procedures are implemented appropriately in order to achieve the goal for credible and efficient airport GHG management.
Relevant factors of GHG management
Criteria establishment for airport GHG inventories
Development of airport GHG inventories
Quality Assurance for airport GHG inventories
Establishment of an action plan for an airport GHG reduction
Development of a plan for airport GHG reduction

Entry and middle level managers working in airport areas associated with green-house
  gas management
5 to 9 August, 2019
5 days
ICAO Certificate if a trainee complete the course successfully by passing the mastery tests with more than average 80%.
* This course is officially developed by the procedure of ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Training Development Guideline (TDG) and accredited by ICAO in 2013.
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