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ICAO Course
ICAO ITP : Airport Landside Security

 This course will provide relevant aviation security personnel at the national/airport level with
  necessary knowledge and skills to design and implement preventive security measures in the landside area of an airport, in accordance with ICAO Annex 17, Aviation Security Manual Doc 8973 – Restricted, the State’s National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP) and Airport Security Program(ASP).
Threat and risk analysis for the landside security
Development of Security Measures in the landside
Security Design of airport landside facilities
Development of ASP contingency plan for the landside security
Security Culture for the Airport Landside
Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:
Analyze existing/emerging threats and risks to ensure the effectiveness of the measures in place in relation to the threat for the landside security.
Develop appropriate security measures based on a security risk assessment process to detect, deter and mitigate risks for the landside security.
Design the security of airport facilities in the landside area to prevent and/or mitigate acts of unlawful interference.
Analyze the ASP contingency plan to ensure its effectiveness.
Enhance the security culture programme encompassing the effectiveness and efficiency of security measures in mitigating risks for the landside security.

 Personnel from national civil aviation authorities, airport police and airport authorities
   who are responsible for security operation

 Relevant stakeholders involved with landside security operations
 You will receive an ICAO certificate if you complete the course successfully by passing the mastery tests with more than average 80 percent.
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