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All private information is collected, kept and handled by Incheon International Airport Corporation with the approval of the customer and complies with all relevant laws and regulations
[Laws related to protecting personal information by public organizations] presents the norm for handling personal information and IIAC collects, keeps and handles the obtained personal information in a manner in which it will allow suitable proceeding of public works while protecting the rights of the people.
In addition, IIAC respects the right to view and claim personal information that IIAC acquired as per relevant regulations, and when you feel that your legal rights were infringed upon, you have the right to request for administrative trial in accordance to administrative laws.
In addition, IIAC respects the right to view and claim personal information that IIAC acquired as per relevant regulations, and when you feel that your legal rights were infringed upon, you have the right to request for administrative trial in accordance to administrative laws.
Privacy Guarantee for users of the Incheon International Airport Corporation
IIAC places great importance on protecting personal information of users of the homepage, and therefore collects minimal information and are taking all possible measures to safeguard the personal information provided by users. Thank you for visiting our homepage ( and we will now explain the [homepage user privacy guarantee] policy
Automatically collected and stored personal information
A The following information is automatically collected and stored when using the IIAC homepage
- Internet server domain and website used as portal to visit our website
- User browser type and OS
- Time of visit
B In order to provide users with better services, the IIAC homepage uses ‘cookies’ to store user information for later use. Cookies are small quantity of information sent from the server (HTTP) to the user’s computer browser for operation of websites and are also stored in the hard-disk of the user’s computer. The automatically stored information as shown above are used for statistical analyses to provide better services and to be used for improving our homepage, as well as to permit smoother communication between the user and website. Please be advised that this information may be released when required by legal ordinances.
Collecting Information through e-mail and web formats
A Users may express themselves through mail, phone or online electronic documents. Please be aware of the following when selecting method of communication
- User entries in our homepage may be queried and read by others.
- User entries may be shared with other parties when required and in accordance to relevant laws, and may also be used as information for performing relevant ordinances and policy developments.
- In addition, this information may be shared with other organizations or provided when needed.
B We are striving to protect our homepage through managerial and technical efforts, however, please avoid entering sensitive information which may cause problems when privacy is infringed upon.
Personal Information collected when using other Services
When joining the IIAC website membership or using Customer Suggestion or Cyber Reports, minimal personal information which is required by IIAC is collected, and approval for this must be accepted. Personal information collected are as follows
- When joining membership: Name, DOB, Gender, E-Mail, TEL, Mobile Phone No., Occupation
- Complaints: Name, Address, TEL, E-Mail
- Posting Boards: Name, Address, TEL, E-Mail (Please confirm)
Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
Most of the services provided on the IIAC homepage do not require user registration. However, in order to provide better and improved services, IIAC is collecting and using user information.
In addition, in order to reduce irresponsible criticism and slander while improving efficiency of listening to members, users must enter their real name when posting boards
IIAC does not disclose personal information without the prior consent of users, and the collected information is used as shown below
- Name, ID, Password: Used for identifying and confirming rightful user to use as member of homepage
- E-mail, TEL, Mobile Phone No: Transmit announcements, confirm intentions, ensure smooth communications for complaints, Announce new service and event information
- DOB, Gender, Occupation: Information for customer-tailored service
Checking and Revising Personal Information
Members who joined the homepage can check or revise their personal information at any time. When wishing to check or revise personal information, please click [Revise Member Information] on the [Join Member] menu or call or e-mail our representative and we will revise it at once. When users request correction of inaccurate personal information, we will not use or provide the personal information until it is revised.
Security Measures Operated by the Website
In order to provide security of our homepage and to sustain continuous service, IIAC not only monitors the network traffic but also operates various programs in order to detect attempts to illegally change information.
Link Sites Webpage
When clicking on links or banners found on the IIAC homepage, and going to a different site or page, the privacy guarantee policy of IIAC will no longer apply, and instead the policy of the new site will apply
Acquiring personal information of someone else while using the Website
Nobody is permitted from acquiring personal information, including e-mail address from the homepage operated by IIAC. Those who check or acquire personal information using illegal methods can be punished according to the regulations set by Article 23 of [Laws related to protecting personal information by public organizations].
Technical and Managerial Measures for Personal Information
In order to prevent loss, theft, leak, falsification and damage of personal information acquired by IIAC, the following technical countermeasures must be performed.
- Operator of personal information must manage the information using an ID and password.
- Vaccine programs for servers must be installed during operations.
- When transmitting personal information over a network, steps must be taken to permit the use of password algorisms (SSL).
- Hacking prevention systems, Hacking detection systems must be installed and operated.
- Technical devices to ensure other safety issues are required
Personal Information for Children
Children under 14 must not give their information to others, and when joining membership, they must receive approval from their legal guardian (parents) according to the designated procedures. Personal information of the legal guardian collected will be used only for confirming approval. IIAC does not share information of children under 14 to other persons or companies, and does not send children under 14 commercial e-mails.
Reporting Personal Information which is infringed upon
When there is a possibility of leaking personal information or when you suspect that your user rights were infringed upon using our homepage, please contact us at the following contact information
Incheon International Airport Corporation Privacy Guarantee Director
-  E-Mail:
-  TEL: 032-741-2113 FAX: 032-741-2110
-  Address: Incheon International Airport PR Team, 2850 Woonseo-dong Jung-gu, Incheon,
 Zip: 400-700
Incheon Ariport Privacy Policy Terms of Service
Incheon Ariport Aviation Academy, 835-2 EurWang-dong, Incheon, Republic of Korea, 22384, Tel:+82(32)741-4344 Fax:+82(32)741-2090