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In 2017 IAAA is opening 7 ICAO certified courses including

4 ICAO STPs (Standardized Training Package) and

1 ICAO ITP (ICAO Training Package) developed by Incheon International Airport’s experts.

Course Schedule & Registration

Online registration through ICAO official site only

1) Click ‘Search for courses’ on the left menu

2) Type in the course title at the ‘Keyword’ search box

3) Click course title to find the registration link

Course fee should be directly paid to IAAA for registration

Course fee

(STP) Airport Customer Service Quality Management

19-22 Jun

$ 1,700 USD

(STP) Aerodrome Inspection

8-12 May

$ 1,700 USD

(STP) Airport Green House Gas Management

22-26 May

$ 1,700 USD

(STP) Aerodrome CNS Engineering

24-28 Jul

$ 1,700 USD

(ITP) Aerodrome Safety Management incorporating PANS-Aerodromes

24-28 Jul

$ 2,000 USD

ICAO Training Developer Course (TDC)

4-15 Sep

$ 2,300 USD

ICAO Training Instructors Course (TIC Part2)

21-25 Aug

$ 1,700 USD
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